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Baobab honey 500G - 100% Natural

Baobab honey 500G - 100% Natural

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Discover Baobab honey, a true gourmet rarity coming directly from Mali. This honey with a unique taste is harvested in accordance with ancestral traditions to preserve all its intense flavor and beneficial properties.

Our Baobab honey is distinguished by its delicious texture and unique dark color. With sweet and medium-strong scent notes, it awakens the taste buds and provides an exceptional taste experience.

But that's not all: this honey is also high in energy thanks to a contribution of vitamins C and B2, ideal for starting your day off on the right foot or to enrich it at any time. It is also a source of calcium, a mineral essential to the strength of our bones and teeth.

In addition, Baobab honey is known to help fight gastric ailments, such as diarrhea or intestinal inflammation.

- Energy value: approximately 340 calories per 100g
- Carbohydrates: approximately 84g per 100g
- Lipids: approximately 0.1g per 100g
- Proteins: approximately 0.2g per 100g
- Vitamin C: approximately 15mg per 100g
- Vitamin B2: approximately 0.1 mg per 100g
- Calcium: approximately 30mg per 100g

Please note that these values ​​are approximate and may vary slightly depending on the honey

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